"Before I got Fruity Sacks, I was a bit concerned that they weren't biodegradable. This concern was overcome, knowing that they would go to good use and be used multiple times and not just for fruit.
 I like that Fruity Sacks are made from soft light mesh fabric. They are also great to use for kids swim stuff.
I would recommend Fruity Sacks because of what it stands for and that it is helping to work towards a solution to reduce plastic bag wastage on our planet. I also really like the owner and know that she lives stands by her brand and the philosophy behind it".  


Fruity Sacks are so versatile. They can be used for packing clothes for travel, washing laundry and storing shoes. They make great gifts too.

    ~ Ingrid Thompson

I love my fruity sacks. They don’t add weight at the checkout and they’re great for the environment!

~ Denise Popovic

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